This option is for the traveler that wants a bit more control over their trip - we will plan each day, hour by hour, giving you the best restaurants, sites to see and things to do in logistical order, then you will book everything. It starts with a complimentary consultation call where we'll learn about your travel style and what you want your trip to look like, whether its jam-packed or more spontaneous. 

- Complimentary consultation call
- Day by day itinerary (including where to stay, eat, drink and things to do)
- Transportation information
- Hotel booking services & perks

*It is required to book your accommodation (hotel, villa, apartment) with us in order to receive this service

the VIPpackage

let's book the trip

Our most coveted package - we will plan and book your trip from door to door including all airport transfers, hotels, restaurant reservations, tours and everything in between. If you're overwhelmed with planning and just want it DONE - this is for you. We'll work with our in-destination partners to curate your perfect trip, giving you guidance before, during and after you return.

- Complimentary consultation call
- Day by day itinerary (including where to stay, eat, drink and things to do)
- Transportation information
- Hotel perks
- All activities, restaurants, hotels and transfers booked for you
- In-destination support

the itinerary

let's plan the trip


Arguably the best part about working with a travel advisor - HOTEL PERKS! And you'll pay the same price you would if you booked yourself.

When booking through us you'll have access to various perks that you wouldn't be able to access if you booked independently (think free breakfast, upgrades and welcome gifts!) at most 4* & 5* hotels.

If you know the hotel you'd like to book, there is no planning fee associated. Reach out and we'll get you booked ASAP!

If you'd like a few options, we'll provide a lookbook with 3 options tailored to you for a flat rate of $70.

hotel bookings

let's book a hotel

*Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks

*Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks

*Turnaround time is 1-2 days
**Please note we do not book Airbnbs, but we do have trusted house and villa rentals we work with

Don't see a plan that works for you? We can still help! Contact us and we'll assist with what you need. A few services we can offer:

- Destination weddings
- Cruise bookings
- All-inclusive resort bookings
- Wedding / group trip room blocks
- Corporate retreats
- Airport transfers

a la carte PACKAGEs

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How much does it cost?
Since each trip is highly customized to you, we will give an official quote after our complimentary consultation call. If you already know where you want to stay, then hotel bookings are always free!


Why are hotel bookings a free service?
When booking through a travel advisor, we are paid commission from the hotel - that way you don't have to pay us! This is how travel agents make money. We charge the planning fee for working with things that don't make us commission.


Will I pay more if I book a hotel with you versus booking independently?
Most times, the price will be the EXACT same as if you were booking yourself. If it's ever more expensive, it is usually not by much and the value of the perks outweighs the extra cost by a landslide. We can also still book the regular rate you see if you're not interested in the perks!


What if I’ve already booked my hotel?
No worries! Send us an email at and we’ll see if we can do a “takeover booking”; which means we’ll be added as the agent of record and you get all the perks! No extra money out of your pocket, just the perks added to the reservation! Win win!


Do you book flights?
We currently only book business/first class flights. Please know there is an additional fee when booking flights.




Do you do restaurant reservations?
We do restaurant reservations for our VIP package clients only. While we can't guarantee availability; we will always do our best to find great options!


When should I reach out?
Depending on what kind of trip you are taking and where you are going, this will change; but a good rule of thumb is 4-6 months before a trip. We always say the earlier the better; that way we can get you on our radar and get you all the best spots as soon as reservations open!


Do you offer payment plans for the planning fee?
We currently do not offer any payment plans; the full planning fee will be due upfront. We do not have any late fees - but work will not be started until the planning fee is paid. We accept all major credit cards!